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Mayor Broda and Village Board Release Highly Edited Secret Meeting Tape, Attorney General Says Villa

LISLE, IL – After fighting the Illinois Attorney General in court for 9 months, Lisle Mayor Joe Broda released a highly edited version of the June 6th secret meeting where the board violated the Open Meetings Act. Only a small portion of the 22 minute illegal meeting was disclosed, hiding the majority of its content from the public. Today, the Illinois Attorney General slammed Mayor Broda, saying “the Board’s limited public disclosure of selected portions of the closed session recording does not fully comply with this office’s directive.” Mayoral candidate Chris Pecak released the following statement: “An open and transparent government has nothing to hide, yet Mayor Broda has repeatedly tried to hide the contents of his illegal meeting,” said Pecak. “Not only did Mayor Broda disregard the Illinois Attorney General when he clipped, cut and spliced the secret meeting tape, he turned his back on Lisle residents and has lost their trust. I urge the village to comply immediately and release this tape to the public."

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