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Mayor Broda and Incumbent Slate Candidates Dodge Local Debate

Broda, Brondyke, Carballo, McGovern and Hettich too busy citing “scheduling conflicts” as higher priority than the Lisle Municipal Candidate Forum LISLE, IL – Incumbent board members, running as “Growing Lisle Stronger Together,” plan to skip the March 14 Lisle Municipal Candidate Forum citing scheduling conflicts as the reason for not attending. “Residents of Lisle deserve the right to ask their elected officials important questions, and to hold them accountable,” said Trustee candidate Kelly Dixit. “Trust in our leadership begins with transparency and ends with accountability. I hope our opponents can find time in their schedule to make this important forum a priority.” This slate of candidates, led by 16-year incumbent Mayor Joe Broda, was found to be in violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act when it held a closed-door session last June. The board is currently under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General for a second Open Meetings Act violation. “An open and transparent government is essential to provide Lisle residents and businesses with the confidence and accountability needed for our Village to prosper,” said Clerk candidate Dave Nelson. “We will always value input, solicit feedback, while conducting village business in the open. Our residents deserve leadership they believe in.” The Lisle Municipal Candidate Forum is sponsored by the Lisle League of Women Voters. March 14th, 2017 Lisle Village Hall - 925 Burlington Ave, Lisle IL 7 PM

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