Prosperity for Lisle (PFL) is a group of dedicated citizens who seek out the concerns and opinions of residents in an effort to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community. PFL advocates for Community Development, Fiscal Responsibility, Ethical Behavior, Efficiency, Environmental Preservation, and Civic Pride.
Property Tax Freeze

Under the Pecak administration, the Village Board froze the property tax levy in both 2017 and 2018

Previously, taxes in Lisle had gone up by the maximum amount allowed each of the last 16 years. 

Fiscal Responsibility

When Mayor Pecak took office, there was approximately $13M in underfunded Police Pension Fund liability. The police pension fund was 90% funded in 2001. During 2001-2017, there was a significant increase in both the unfunded amount and the unfunded percentage. Mayor Pecak and the Board created a plan to address the large Police Pension Fund underfunding. In the past two years, the mayor and board voted to transfer an additional $600,000 from Reserves to the Police Pension Fund.

The Village of Lisle Board has been diligently reviewing all vendor contracts. This ensures that the Village and Taxpayers are receiving the best value for the tax dollars spent. 

Community Development

A growing business community brings quality job opportunities to our village and grows our tax base. We must make Lisle more attractive to retail, small business, and larger corporations who are looking to invest in our community.


Mayor Pecak worked with Amita Health to locate its headquarters under one roof. As a result, Amita moved to Lisle and is leasing 225,000 square feet of the Navistar campus, where it moved about 1,100 employees from seven suburban locations. 

The Jewel Osco store on Maple and Route 53 reinvested in the community by remodeling the store rather than moving out of Lisle. Mayor Pecak has been in contact with the current owners of the old Lockformer site at 711 Ogden Avenue trying to bring various businesses to Lisle. One of the potential new businesses has presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Mayor Pecak and the village staff recruited and hired a new Village Development Services Director. The new director is taking a more proactive and business-friendly approach to attracting new commerce to Lisle. The mayor and senior village staff have asked this new director to review and submit possible revisions to the Village Code, especially with respect to Building, Zoning and Development matters.

Mayor Pecak also addressed the Family Square property regarding the fact that the Village has not received a clean bill of health concerning the property previously housing a gas station or the property previously housing a dry cleaner. And the current board enacted an ordinance on the painting of boarded-up business to make these sites more aesthetically pleasing.  Two sites, including Family Square, are much improved by doing so. 

And Mayor Pecak & the Village Board approved changes to the village practices relative to Police Department Community Service Officers being actively involved in property maintenance code compliance.

Ethical Behavior

Mayor Pecak and the Village Board feel that an open and transparent government is essential to providing Lisle residents and businesses with the confidence and accountability needed for our Village to prosper.

Since 2018 the Village of Lisle has broadcast and posted video recordings of all Village Board Meetings, including Committee of the Whole meetings which were formerly called "workshops.” Residents can view the meetings live online or on youtube at their convenience.


Mayor Pecak has also created a welcoming environment at village meetings so that residents wanting to speak are encouraged to discuss issues openly, with no fear of criticism. 

The Mayor also guided Village Staff to improve a GIS (Geographic Information System),  which resulted in full transparency to ID properties online with all relevant information and schedules, i.e. planning, permitting and completion status.

Civic Pride

Mayor Pecak personally helped residents remove garbage near their property, which was adjacent to a strip mall. Mayor Pecak also assisted residents/taxpayers during heavy rains; checking on them continually to ensure they were not negatively impacted.


The PFL mayor and board members routinely attend openings and ribbon cuttings for new businesses. Additionally, Mayor Pecak displayed enthusiastic support for the Pistol Shrimp minor league baseball team by throwing the first pitch at the season-opening baseball game at Benedictine University and also by honoring the 75th D-Day anniversary including placing a wreath on the grave of Lisle VFW founder Ross Bishop.


One trustee has also devoted a good deal of time and energy working with Township Supervisor Mullen on mental health issues and teen suicide prevention. Another trustee has been active with the Boy Scouts. Village Clerk Turner has been a volunteer at the Morton Arboretum for more than 35 years.


The mayor and village board have actively pursued intergovernmental agreements that reduce duplicate work, thus saving taxpayer dollars.



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